EUROBOTS is a company specialized in used industrial robots, offering our customers a single source for used robot sales, robot parts, and industrial automation.

We also provide quality arc welding robots, high-payload robot cells for automotive subassemblies, palletizing robots and a great range of peripherals and tools for the robots.

Incorporated in 2001 EUROBOTS is located in Zamudio, five minutes from the airport of Bilbao.

We stock a large variety of used robots: KUKA, ABB, FANUC, STAUBLI, MOTOMAN... as well as a range of robot parts in our warehouses.

We can deliver low cost used robots for many manufacturing applications plus we can make robotic tooling devices for your robotic system through our automation partners, if required.

We are also specialists in Trumpf cw solid state lasers which are suitable for welding and cutting applications that require a very high manufacturing quality.

Our commitment to customer service begins the first time you contact us.

Here you will find information, specifications, and photos of our selection of used industrial robots and other equipment for automation.

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Where are we?

Our main warehouse is in Spain (Zamudio), 5 minutes from Bilbao. Here you can see the quality of our robots. In addition we have many partners worldwide and you can see a sample of our robots in their showrooms. Eurobots IME S.L.   Polígono Ugaldeguren III, nó 32  pabellón 1   48170 Zamudio Vizcaya, Spai ... Continue reading

Why a used robot?

Eurobots can offer you robotics solutions, which will allow you to save up to 60% in comparison to the purchase of a new robot. An used robot is an opportunity to return the cost of robotic system in a shorter span of time. An used robot is paid off in 17 to 19 months. An used robot is a solution that: Diminish the cost of production War ... Continue reading

Why different?

We have earned the trust of our clients, because our service is different. We sell many robots every year, thanks to our attention to the needs of the client, competitive prices and fast operations. To be more precise: Quality - Price: Eurobots sells used robots of high quality at competitive prices. Our company deals only with the best b ... Continue reading

Who are we?

Eurobots-IME is a Spanish company that sells used robots worldwide. The company sell, buys and refurbish used robots. Eurobots-IME offers quality solutions and trade of used robots of the major brands such as: KUKA, ABB, Fanuc,Motoman, Kawasaki and many others. For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us. ... Continue reading

Where, how and what we check in our used robots

Our clients often ask us what we do for a revision of a used robot, so in this section, briefly, we explain what we do check, when we go through our inspection. Robot Arm Unit: Oil or grease changed or replaced Check of the belts Inspection of any malfunctions in the wrist Check all the 6 or 4 motor axes Check Internal and external ... Continue reading

Pick And Place Robots

Pick and Place Robot is mainly used to pick an object from one place and place it at another location. The work in industries especially in loading and unloading of products is very repetitive and requires hard labor. Pick and place robot is the best alternative with low cost as compared to manual labor. A Pick and Place Robot is developed to achie ... Continue reading

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