The automatic charging station for Youibot AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) is a dedicated infrastructure designed to enable seamless and efficient recharging of the robots' batteries. It serves as a centralized docking station where the AMRs autonomously navigate to and connect for charging.

The charging station is equipped with specialized connectors or charging pads that align with the AMR's charging interface, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. The AMR is designed to autonomously dock with the charging station, aligning itself correctly to establish the charging connection.

The Youibot AMRs incorporate the YOUI Battery Management System (BMS), which plays a vital role in managing and optimizing the charging process. The BMS monitors the battery levels and health of each AMR, ensuring they are charged efficiently and safely.

The YOUI BMS offers advanced features such as automated docking, which allows the AMRs to autonomously navigate and dock with the charging station without human intervention. This feature ensures a seamless charging process and eliminates the need for manual placement or connection.

Additionally, the YOUI BMS provides intelligent charging scheduling capabilities. When deployed in a fleet, the BMS can optimize the charging timeline for each AMR, ensuring that the robots have sufficient battery power for their assigned tasks. This scheduling feature helps minimize downtime by strategically planning charging cycles and balancing the workload across the fleet.

1. Automatic charger station

Model  FFT4820A-U-3
Output Current range 5-20A
Output Voltage Range 40-58.6VDC
Input Power 180VAC-260VAC
Rated Output Power 1200W
Ambient temperature range -15°C ~ 50°C
Humidity 10%-90%
Size 550*315*530mm
Weight 30kg
Charging Mode Auto/Manual charging
Installation Place automatic charger against a wall or use wall bracket to install the automatic charger on the floor directly.


2. Manual charger

Model NE02
Output voltage 57.6v
Max charging current  15A
Input voltage AC185V-AC265V;47Hz-63Hz


3. Wireless AP

Model AWK-1131A
Size 58*115*70mm
Installation Din rail or wall mounting installation
Input power 12-48VDC(6.72W)
IP Class  IP30


4. Battery

Model LB-YOUIBOT51248
Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Weight <32KG
Size 420*365*125mm
Standard Voltage 51.2V
Battery Capacity 48Ah
Charging time ≤2H
Battery life Cycle Life≥ 2000 times
Charging voltage  58.4V
Charging current  35A
Output current 50A
Peak current 100A


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