DOBOT NOVA 2 commercial cobot

The DOBOT Nova2 is a versatile and compact robotic arm designed to cater retail and commercial purposes.

The Nova2 features a payload capacity of 2 kg, allowing it to handle various tasks with precision. Whether it's assembly, pick and place, testing, or other intricate operations, the Nova2 provides the necessary strength and dexterity.

It offers a maximum reach of 625 mm, providing ample workspace for handling objects and performing tasks.

The Nova2 comes with a user-friendly interface that simplifies programming and control. It offers multiple programming options, including a graphical interface for intuitive operation and a block-based programming system similar to Scratch. This enables users of all levels of expertise to easily program and customize the robot's actions according to their specific requirements. It offers multiple programming options, including the graphical interface (like scratch), scripting using programming languages (LUA) or API(C, C#, Python, Kotlin...), and the ability to teach the robot by manually moving it.

Additionally, the Nova2 is compatible with various accessories and peripherals, allowing for further customization and expansion of its capabilities. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing setups and workflows, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Safety is a priority with the Nova2, as it incorporates advanced features such as collision detection and emergency stop capabilities. These safety measures ensure a secure working environment and protect both the robot and the operators.

Weight 11 kg (24.3 lbs)
Maximum Payload 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Working Radius 625 mm (24.6 in)
Maximum Speed of TCP 1.6 m/s (63 in/s)
Repeatability ±0.05 mm
Range of Motion J1 ± 360°
J2 ± 180°
J3 ± 156°
J4 ± 360°
J5 ± 360°
J6 ± 360°
Maximum Joint Speed J1/J2/J3 135 ° /s
J4/J5/J6 135 ° /s
End I/O DI/DO 2 inputs
RS485 Supported
IP Rating IP54
Noise 65 dB(A)
Temperature Range 0° to 50° C
Installation Orientation Any angle
Power Consumption Typical 100W
Maximum 250W
Cable Length from Robot to Controller 3 m (118.1 in)
Materials Aluminum alloy, acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene plastic


Dimensions 200 mm x 120 mm x 55 mm ( 7.9 in x 4.7 in x 2.2 in)
Weight 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
Input Power 30~60V DC
IO Power 24V, Max 2A, Max 0.5A for each channel
IO Interface DI 8 inputs(NPN or PNP)
DO 8 inputs(NPN or PNP)
AI 2 inputs, voltage mode, 0~10V
AO 2 outputs, voltage mode, 0~10V
Remote Power On/Off Supported
Communication Interface Network Interface 2, for TCP/IP and Modbus TCP communication
USB 2, for connecting USB wireless module
485 Interface 1, for RS485 and Modbus RTU communication
Environment Temperature 0° to 50° C
Humidity ≤95%, non-condensation
IP Rating IP20
Cooling Mode Passive heat dissipation
Teaching Mode PC、APP(Android、iOS)