Laser welding cell


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Today we are able to offer you a package that gives you the possibility to buy a laser robotic system with a limited cost.

The cell will include the following:

  • Kuka robot KR150/210-2  KRC2Ed05  controller, totally refurbished by our expert technicians

  • Welding radiation source LaserLine LDF 4000-30 (4kW DirectDiode)
  • Power optical cable
  • Scansonic Laser-Processing Optical System ALO3
  • Industrial water cooler for laser and optical system
  • Installation in your place, basic training for KUKA robot operator, introduction to the Laser software

The system it is now offered at the special price: 99.800€ ---Now: 88,800€* +transport 

*Security fenches and travel expenses not included

Laser welding benefits
  • The ability to weld a wide range of grades of steels, alloys and materials: from high-alloy, high-carbon steels to alloys of copper and titanium, plastics, ceramics, diamonds, glass and dissimilar compounds;
  • High quality of welded joints (in many cases, the mechanical properties of the joints can be ensured at the level of the properties of the base material);
  • Minimum heating of parts and deformation (3-5 times lower than with arc welding);

Thanks to the modular design, the cell can be equipped with lasers of various powers, many options for processing heads and positioners available.

Due to the ability to withstand ultra-high focusing lengths (up to 2 meters) welding by a robot significantly expands the boundaries of the use of this technological process, and also increases the productivity of manufacturing parts.

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