YOUIBOT P200 platform series (AMR)

The Youibot P200 mobile platform, known as P200-2, is a highly adaptable solution specifically designed to handle complex material handling tasks within manufacturing facilities. It offers a range of features and capabilities to ensure efficient and reliable operation throughout the day.

With its general-purpose I/O interfaces, the P200-2 enables seamless integration with various top modules and cobots, enhancing its versatility and expanding its functionality. Additionally, it is equipped with a larger battery capacity, ensuring extended operation for both autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and top modules.

The P200-2 supports a wide selection of top modules and cobots, providing solutions for diverse material transport requirements in warehouses, cleanrooms, and production lines. This versatility allows it to handle various tasks and adapt to different environments.

Utilizing Laser SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology, the P200-2 achieves precise indoor positioning with a repetitive accuracy of +10mm. It also enables docking with a variety of surfaces, further enhancing its flexibility and usability.

The top compartment of the P200-2 contains electrical and safety interfaces necessary for top module integration. These interfaces include GPIO, ethernet, WLAN, power, and auxiliary safety interfaces. This comprehensive set of interfaces enables easy customization and adaptation of the solution to specific requirements.

Key specifications of the P200-2 include:

  • 200 KG Payload
  • Built-in extra power supply for top module
  • 15 Hours Runtime
  • Comprehensive interfaces for top module integration
  • Safety Design for emergency oveerride
  • Deploy Autonomously or collaborate in a fleet.


Main Body
Housing material  Cold Rolled Steel 
Size 1014*650*290mm
Turning diameter 1124 mm
Weight 180kg
Ambient temperature range 0-40 without condensation 
Ambient humidity Relative humidity 10-90%
Work environment No exposure to dust or flammable, explosive or corrosive gas 
IP class IP20
Cleanliness class Max class 100
Floor condition
Slip resistance coefficient =0.5
Floor requirement Flat and dry floor without oil, dust or dirt 
Min floor flatness FF25 (*ACI 117 Standard)
Docking precision Positioning precision -10mm, angle precision -1
Navigation mode  Laser Slam navigation
Path planning Visual tracking/autonomous planning
Payload  Max payload 200KG
Mobility Max. Speed  1.5m/s
Max. Speed of rotation 180°/s
Traversal height 15mm
Traversal Gap 30mm
Maximum Incline 4°
Driving wheel Material Polyurethane
Size Diameter 150mm
Robot Battery Battery type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery voltage 48V
Battery capacity 60Ah
Running time  ≥11H
Charging time ≤2H
Battery life Cycle Life≥2000 times
Charging mode Automatic / Manual / Quick Battery Replacement
External Power supply  48V
Safety and security design Safety Laser Lidar 2x Lidars built in the robot chassis
Emergency Stop button 2x buttons located on both side of robot
Collision detection 360° around robot
Status indicator Located around the robo
Operation & interface  Power button 1 x Button located on the side of robot
Reset Button 1 x Button located on the side of robot
Manual/Automatic Switch Button 1 x Button located on the side of robot
Manual Charging Interface Located in the interface compartment on the side of robot
Wireless Network IEEE 802.11 A/C
Ethernet Interface Located on the side and on the top of the robot
USB Interface Located on the side and on the top of the robot



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