Stud welding robots

The whole system allows the stud welding process to be effective and efficient through a fully automated stud feeding and welding system. The whole set is comprised of a 4-6 axis used industrial robot equipped with a welding gun/stud gun collect, the Tucker TMP 1500 arc weld controller and the stud Tucker automatic pneumatic feeder.

The Tucker arc welding system fastens components without the need for holes in sheet metal.

The result is extraordinarily strong attachments that will never be a source of corrosion or fastening system failure.

Robot de soldadura por pernos

This is a modular, microprocessor controlled stud welding system.

The stud is positioned in the gun collet, with the stud protruding slightly from the protective flash shield.

The robot presses the stud against the work surface to complete the necessary circuits. The weld cycle initiates automatically.

When the gun solenoid is energized, the stud is withdrawn from the work surface, inducing a pilot arc which cleans both the stud and work surface.

The controller automatically releases the main welding current. This weld arc causes a pool of molten metal to form at the base of the stud and on the work surface.

The controller then de-energizes the gun solenoid, allowing the stud to plunge back into the molten metal. As the weld pool solidifies, it forms a homogeneous joint. Withdraw the weld gun from the welded stud, and position the next stud in the gun collet.

Robotic stud welding system which consists of kuka's robot with stud welding gun along with fixtures.