YOUIBOT Platform accessories

The Youibot Platform Series offers a comprehensive range of accessories designed to enhance the functionality and capabilities of your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in various industries such as logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. These accessories are carefully designed to address diverse requirements and applications, allowing your robots to perform a broader range of tasks in different environments. Here are some notable accessories available:

  1. Automatic Shelves: These shelves are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Youibot AMRs. They provide an automated solution for organizing and storing goods or materials, optimizing warehouse and inventory management processes.

  2. Conveyor Belt: The conveyor belt accessory enables the AMRs to transport items or materials along a predefined path. It streamlines material handling operations and facilitates the smooth flow of goods in production lines, warehouses, or distribution centers.

  3. Roller Pins: Roller pins are specialized attachments that enable the AMRs to handle objects or materials in similar fashion to those of a conveyor belt but in a more flexible way.

  4. Cobot arm: The cobot arm is an additional robotic arm that can be integrated with your AMRs. It enables collaborative tasks where the robot can work alongside human operators, enhancing productivity and flexibility in manufacturing or assembly processes.

  5. Loading Coils: Loading coils are accessories designed to facilitate the handling and transportation of heavy or bulky loads. They provide additional support and stability when the AMRs need to carry larger or irregularly shaped items, ensuring safe and efficient transport.

By incorporating these AMRS accessories into your robotic fleet, you can unlock the adaptability and versatility of your autonomous mobile robots, enabling them to perform a wide range of tasks and improving operational efficiency in various industries. (Can be fully personalised.)

Can be fully personalised.


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