SCHUNK PGN plus 380/2 AS 371457

The SCHUNK PGN-Plus series represents a line of high-performance grippers designed for industrial automation applications. These grippers are known for their versatility, precision, and reliability. The PGN-Plus series features a robust construction and is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability in demanding manufacturing environments. With a modular design, these grippers offer flexibility and easy customization to meet specific application requirements. The incorporation of advanced technology, such as multi-tooth guidance and a quick-change jaw system, enhances gripping efficiency and adaptability. The PGN-Plus grippers are equipped with sensors and are compatible with various automation systems, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of gripping and handling tasks in industrial settings.

PGN-plus 380-2-AS

ID: 371457

  • Universal gripper PGN-plus
  • Size: 380
  • pneumatic
  • gripping force maintenance: AS
  • Stroke per jaw: 26 mm
  • Closing force: 21150 N
  • Max. ambient temperature: 90 °C