Scara Robots - Special Offer Mitsubishi Melfa Scara RH-12SH

High speed four axis scara robot. Year of construction: 2008. The RH-12SH Melfa series robots (below as “RH-SH”) has improved the resolution of the encoder that is attached to the motor, compared to the conventional RH-5AH/10AH/15AH series robots (below as “RH-A”). This unit has a horizontal arm reach of 850 mm and 35 mm of up/down stroke of the Z-joint.

This Mitsubishi Scara Robot is coupled with the powerful and polivalent CRB2-574 controller

Main specifications

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 12 Kg.
  • Maximum horizontal reach: 850 mm.
  • Axis Z up/down stroke: 35 mm
  • Repeatability: 0,01 mm.
  • Controller: CRB2-574

Robot Motion Speed 

  • J1: 288 º/s
  • J2: 412.5 º/s
  • J3: 1.300 º/s
  • J4: 1.500 º/s

Robot applications

  • Loading and unloading
  • Assembly of parts


Handling of parts , Assembly of parts