Welding Machines for Robots Welding cell with: KUKA KR5 ARC KRC4 + H positioner + SKS 400A

- 1x Robot kuka kr5 arc (https://www.eurobots.it/kuka-robots-kr-5arc-r1350-it.html) with krc4 controller, year 2015, extension 1400mm for 5 kg payload, overhauled and remanufactured, with 6 months warranty on all parts

- 1x H-positioner (example from pictures), wired with krc4, external drives for C4 controller, drill bit 2000mm x 500mm radius, payload approx. 500kg

- SKS 400 welding machine, torch and cables, air-cooled, everything already wired by our technicians


Arc welding