Other Robots Comau Smart5 Arc 4 with Fronius TPS4000 synergic welding and H positioner

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Manufactured in 2012-2013. This Smart5 Arc 4 is a 6 axis special design arc welding robot manufactured by Comau and equipped with the powerful C5G controller. The Smart 5 Arc4 is a fast and small payload robot which offers higher quality performance and better versatility through its integrated Hollow Wrist technology. This technology allows the housing of the welding torch dressing cables inside the wrist and a minimized power usage to ensure eco-compatibility greatly increasing its performance.

The Comau Smart 5 features a payload of 5kg, a horizontal arm reach of 1.951mm, and an accuracy in repeatability of 0.05mm.

The robot is equipped with a Synergic power source of Fronius model TPS4000 featuring 400 Amperes of nominal power.

The posizioner has 750kg payload and 2000mm from tip to tailstock

General technical specifications

  • Maximum load of robot: 5 kg
  • Maximum Reach: 1951 mm
  • Repeatability in position: 0.05 mm
  • Controller: C5G

Robot motion speed in º/s 

  • Axis 1: 170º/s
  • Axis 2: 175º/s
  • Axis 3: 185º/s
  • Axis 4: 360º/s 
  • Axis 5: 375º/s 
  • Axis 6: 550º/s 

Range of motion (Axis 1 to 6)

  • Axis 1: +/- 180º
  • Axis 2: +155º to -60º
  • Axis 3: +110º to -170º
  • Axis 4: +/-185º
  • Axis 5: +/-123º
  • Axis 6: +/-270º


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