Kawasaki RS007N

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The RS007N robot is part of the Kawasaki R series of small to medium payload. They offer optimal speed of operation and wide ranges of work. The RS007N robot has a range of 730 mm with a double seal construction on all axes and waterproof electrical connections, which offer an IP67 rating for the wrist and IP65 for the axes.

Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 7 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 730 mm
Maximum vertical reach: 1,356 mm
Repeatability: ±0.02 mm
Controller: F60
Motion range (°)

Axis JT1: ±180°
Axis JT2: ±135°
Axis JT3: ±155°
Axis JT4: ±200°
Axis JT5: ±125°
Axis JT6: ±360°

Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis JT1: 470°/s
Axis JT2: 380°/s
Axis JT3: 520°/s
Axis JT4: 550°/s
Axis JT5: 550°/s
Axis JT6: 1000°/s
Robot applications
Machine tending
Material handling
Material removal


Handling of parts , Assembly of parts