Motoman SDA20D

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SDA20D has the ability to perform complex tasks thanks to its 7-axis dual arms working together or independently, its powerful design allows for high flexibility and fast acceleration to perform manipulation functions.

Characteristics of the DX100 controller

Yaskawa's compact DX100 controller with advanced structure and process control, offering greater freedom to the user even in the concept of an automated cell:

• Multirobot control system with up to 8 robots/72 coordinated movement axes.

• Robust PC architecture, which provides system-level control for robotic work cells.

• Connections on the back of the control cabinet to optimize the interior space

• Built-in ladder logic processing; 4,096 I / O addresses

• Variety of fieldbus network connections

• High speed server connection

• I / F panels (10) show HMI on the pendant

• Advanced Robot Motion Control (ARM) for greater productivity and minimal learning time

• Energy saving up to 25%

• Repair time (MTTR)

• Easy maintenance with function to verify the status of the reducer, hardware diagnostic life function, improved problem resolution and alarm recovery

• Compact flash slot and USB port facilitate memory backups

• Small and lightweight Windows® CE programming pendant has a color touch screen with multi-window display capability.

Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 20 kg
Number of axis: 15 (7 axes per arm plus base rotation)
Horizontal Reach per Arm: 910 mm
Horizontal Reach (P-point to P-point): 2,590 mm
Vertical Reach: 1,820 mm
Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
Controller: DX100  
Motion range (°)
Rotation-axis: ±180°
Axis S: ±180°
Axis L: ±110°
Axis E: ±170°
Axis U: ±130°
Axis R: ±180°
Axis B: ±110°
Axis T: ±180°
Maximum speed (°/s)
Rotation-axis: 125°/s
Axis S: 130°/s
Axis L: 130°/s
Axis E: 170°/s
Axis U: 170°/s
Axis R: 200°/s
Axis B: 200°s
Axis T: 400°/s
Robot applications
Machine tending
Part transfer
Press tending


Press tending , Handling of parts , Assembly of parts