KUKA KR 210-2 F exclusive

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The KR 210-2 Foundry exclusive robot of 6 controllable axes with payload capacity of 210kg and maximum reach of 2700 mm, with degree of protection IP65 surface with a special treatment, it is totally immune to the water jets, the continuous humidity of the Air or particles of dirt. For hostile environments, offers high production performance thanks to its motor and gears with a wide torque, high production efficiency as it includes a mechanical system with high precision in the repeatability, The KR 210-2 Foundry exclusive is flexible, commissioning Fast, reduces costs, and handles long maintenance intervals.
Equipped with the KR C4 controller
More powerful, safer, more flexible, and above all more intelligent. The revolutionary concept of the KR C4 provides a firm foundation for the automation of tomorrow. It reduces costs in automation for integration, maintenance and servicing. The long-term efficiency and flexibility of the systems are increased at the same time. For this reason, KUKA has developed a new ground-breaking, clearly-structured system architecture that concentrates on open and powerful data standards. In this architecture, all integrated controllers – from SafetyControl, RobotControl, and MotionControl to LogicControl and ProcessControl – have a joint database and infrastructure which they use and share intelligently.

KR C4 features

- Simple to plan, operate and maintain
- Continuation of service-proven PC-based control technologies
- Quick and easy operation thanks to continued use of familiar operator control concepts
- Expansion of the set of commands for more user-friendly path programming
- High compatibility with previous programs for the KR C2
- Safety, Robot, Logic, Motion and ProcessControl in a single control system
- Real-time communication between the dedicated control processes
- Central basic services for maximum data consistency
- Seamless integration of safety technology for entirely new fields of application
- Integrated software firewall for greater network security
- Innovative software functions for optimized energy efficiency
- Future-compatible technology platform without proprietary hardware
- Multi-core processor support for scalable performance
- Fast communication via Gigabit Ethernet
- Integrated memory cards for important system data
- Designed for 400 – 480 VAC
- New fan concept for optimized energy efficiency
- Maintenance-free cooling without filter mats
- Highest performance in the smallest possible space
- Maximum availability

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 20 Kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 2700 mm
Repeatability: ±0,06 mm.
Controller: KR C4 Compact

Robot Applications

Handling on other machines
Metal casting machines, foundry
Handling operations
Assembly, disassembly
Measurement, testing and control
Forging installations
Mechanical machining
Waterjet cutting


Arc welding , Spotwelding , Painting , Handling of parts , Assembly of parts