ABB Elevated Rail IRB 5500-25

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Robot IRB 5500-25 is an ideal solution for painting processes with elevated rail system accepts up to four robots on a single rail. The IRB 5500 FlexPainter offers great flexibility and extensive work envelope in the Stop & Go automotive paint application, reducing cycle times by up to 10%. Gear pump solution 1K, 2K gear pump solution, CBS solutions for direct load WB. Central lubrication, automated calibration (axis 7), protected carrier cable with termination points (upper and lower). Variety of mounting positions in a characteristic car: inclined, vertical, inverted.

Main specifications

Payload: 13 kg

Maximum reach: 2975 mm

Accuracy: Robot: 0.15 mm (en TCP)  Carro: 0,3 mm. Modelado dinámico ABB para todos los ejes. 
Eje de velocidad 7 (eje del carril): 1,4 m / seg

Protección IP: IP 67 como estándar (Ex zona 1, Clase 1 Div 1)

Aprobación ex:  Explosión protegida Exi / Exp para instalación en áreas peligrosas Zona 1 y Zona 21 (Europa) y División I, Clase I y II.