Motoman MPL160 II

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MPL160 II highly versatile, adaptable and high speed 4 axis robot suitable for palletizing processes, its arm reach capability allows for high load tasks, the flexibility of the hollow wrist widens the variety of movements without interference, has an option of food grade lubricant certified by NSF-H1 for the area of ​​food packaging or consumer products.

MLX200 Controller
This advanced architecture controller with simplified hardware eliminates redundancy and minimizes configuration time and complexity while optimizing system reliability. It does not require a programming language or independent controller and allows more application possibilities. It has motion planning algorithms, which allow programmers to more easily plan robot trajectories for applications, as well as a combination of motion for the entire robot kinematics. Improved motion software with a grouped control design that works and consumes less resources from Rockwell Automation programmable automation (PAC) controllers.
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 160 kg
Number of axis: 4
Maximum horizontal reach: 3,159  mm
Maximum vertical reach: 3,024 mm
Repeatability: ±0.5 mm
Controller: DX200, MLX200    
Motion range (°)
Axis S: ±180°
Axis L: -45°/+90°
Axis U: -120°/+15.5°
Axis T: ±360°
Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis S: 140°/s
Axis L: 140°/s
Axis U: 140°/s
Axis T: 305°/s
Robot applications
Case Palletizing
Bag Palletizing
Layer Picking
Layer Forming


Palletising , Handling of parts