Kawasaki Cleanroom NT620

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NT series robots designed for the clean room application can achieve up to four FOUP, NT620 double arm ceiling mount provides standard performance of 280 wafers per hour (WPH) with aligner and 400 WPH without aligner. The software and hardware are equipped with collision detection functions and comply with the SEMI F47 voltage sag exoneration standards and SEMI S2 environmental, health and safety standards.

Controller D
D controllers are designed to develop cleanroom applications comprising a complete digital servo process, standard Ethernet communication port, compact footprint, flexible development of different software, independent operation of two arms and multi-axis controls, uniform servo amplifiers for all axes, standards environmental, health and safety SEMI S2, ISO 1 white room.
Specification of the D60 controller
  • Servo complete digital system
  • Controlled Axes: Maximum 7 axes
  • Manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic teaching.
  • External emergency stop, near security, external stop.
  • Hardware: RS232C x 1 Ethernet.
  • Software: K-Utility (original Kawasaki communication command for clean robots).
  • Energy: Voltage: Single-phase, AC208 V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz. Standard: SEMI F47.
  • Input signal: Maximum 16 channels.
  • Output signal: Maximum of 8 channels
  • Compatible robots series: NS, NT, NX, TT, TX and NV
Main specifications
Number of axis: 5
Maximum l reach: 1,250.7 mm
Repeatability:  ± 0.1 mm (wafer center)
Controller: D60/D61
Motion range (°)
θ1 axis (rotation JT2): 340°
Z axis (up-down JT3): 600 mm
θ2 axis (rotation JT4): 340°
H1 axis (rotation JT6): 340° (380°) como opción
H2 axis (rotation JT7): 380°
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