Fanuc M410IB/160

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Industrial Robot Fanuc M410IB / 160 with small footprint design that provides space efficiency, characterized by its high quality processes offering high precision with a payload capacity of 160 kg. This robot cycle time faster providing greater performance and optimizing the ideal speed for palletizing processes. Equipped with the RJ3IB controller.

The FANUC R-J3iB is a controller of advanced technology that optimizes the performance of the processes; provides easy and intuitive buttons with LED to indicate the operating and cycle conditions, analog and digital input and output modules, flexibility in specific applications through the plug-in option allowing the controller to be reliable and efficient.

Rj3iB control

Type B cabinet
Rapid change of the amplifier (<5 min)
Quick start
Easy connections for the variety of I/O, including a number of distributing I/O networks
Teach pendant color for even easier programming and custom-designed user interface shows program data, debugs programs, adjust variables, LCD 16 lines by 40 characters, function keys menu driven, monitor and control I/O to control the EOAT and display current information about the status or position of the robot.

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 160 Kg
Number of axis: 4
Maximum reach: 3143 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.5 mm
Controller: RJ3IB

Motion of  range

Axis 1:   ± 360°
Axis 2:   ± 144°
Axis 3:   ± 136°
Axis 4:   ± 540°

Robot motion speed in º/s

Axis 1: 130°/s 
Axis 2: 130°/s 
Axis 3: 135°/s
Axis 4: 300°/s

Robot Applications