Kawasaki ZX200S C Control

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Year 2002-2004, heavy duty 6 axis robots equipped with the C controller

Basic Description: The Kawasaki ZX Series robots are designed for heavy-duty payload applications requiring a flexible work envelope. The patented Kawasaki Hybrid Link Configuration allows the robot to flip-over backward minimizing plant floor space requirements. The new space saving design incorporates a small footprint with integrated air piping and wiring. The IP65 rated robot arm enables the ZX Series robots to operate in the most severe environments reaches, speeds and payloads.

Special Features:

Common C Series Controller Large Working Envelope Heavy-Duty Cycle
• High wrist torque and inertia capacity
• Maximum payload at full speed throughout the entire
work envelope

Space Saving Design

• Small footprint
• Kawasaki Hybrid Link Configuration
• Minimal dead zone

Production Advantages

• Different arm combinations for various reaches and payloads
• High speed capability
• Rapid acceleration and deceleration rates
• High speed servo loop and all digital servo control

Reduced Maintenance Costs

• 10,000 hour maintenance intervals
• Modular design for quick repairs
• Brushless AC servo motor
• Common spare parts
• Fittings for simple lubrication

User Friendly Programming

• Simplified teaching method using multi-function panel • High level “AS” language for advanced programming • On line error logging • Menu driven software
• On screen diagnostics • Automatic speed limitation in teach mode • RS 232 port for PC communication


• E-stop button on multi-function panel and controller
• Overtravel software limits and hard stops for primary axes
• Collision detection/protection software
Controller Features: Kawasaki C Series Controller with 32 Bit RISC Type Microprocessor
• 1 MB (4,000 steps) of memory
• Up to 4 MB (34,000 steps) of memory (opt)
• PC Card port with 8MB external memory
• I/O: 32/32 channels, 24V DC
• I/O: expandable to 128/128 channels (opt)
• Networking capability (ControlNet, Ethernet, etc.) (opt)
• Allen Bradley Remote I/O
• Weld controller serial communication
• SLOGIC (internal PLC)
• Handheld LCD Multifunctional Touch Panel comprising:
- Teach Pendant - I/O Operation Displays - Robot Function Menus and Operation
Status Displays - Data Keyboard - User I/O Soft Panel - 3-Position Safety/Enable Switch

Robot Info:

  • Maximum payload: 200 Kg
  • Maximum horizontal reach: 2650 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.3 mm
  • Controller: C

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 100º/sec
  • Axis 2: 100º/sec
  • Axis 3: 95º/sec
  • Axis 4: 120º/sec
  • Axis 5: 115º/sec
  • Axis 6: 180º/sec

Range of motion:

  • Axis 1: 360º
  • Axis 2: 135º
  • Axis 3: 370º
  • Axis 4: 720º
  • Axis 5: 240º
  • Axis 6: 720º


Spotwelding , Press tending , Palletising , Loading and unloading of parts , Machining , Handling of parts , Laser welding Nd-Yag , Stud welding , Plasma cutting