Industry 4.0

Intro (overview)

In this digital age, robotics and automation are vital tools to achieve our goals and objectives. That's why at Eurobots we offer smart strategies and solutions to optimize and simplify processes. Our goal is focused on being more efficient and effective, to offer more flexibility, more quality and a greater satisfaction to our customers.

At Eurobots we have a lot of experience in configuring and programming industrial robots, we also have a team dedicated exclusively to the study of new technologies, mainly focused on Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things), since we are in a new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0

Digital transformation (more detailed description)

Our idea is based on a good follow-up of the processes from beginning to end, starting with the capture of requirements, design and simulation, to testing the plan created to purge and debug most of the errors and to guarantee a long term lyfe-cycle of our system.

We start by studying the processes and then our engineers will decide what data to collect, to filter the most important data, that will be analyzed and processed in real time. Finally, with the help of machine learning, this data will be interpreted and our system will try to anticipate unfavorable situations, ensuring a good maintenance of the equipment and machinery.


  • Increase in productivity
  • Improves efficiency
  • Improves resource utilization and can reduce costs
  • Better knowledge of the process
  • Better tracking of the manufacturing process
  • Allows better collaboration 
  • More flexible and agile to scale production
  • Improves the process to be more compliant
  • Improves products’ quality
  • Improves the customer service experience
  • Creates opportunities for innovation 
  • It can increase profits and offers greater


  1. 4.0 Industry
  2. Iot (Internet of Things)
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Big Data
  5. Industrial robots
  6. Cobots (Collaborative Robots)
  7. Programming
  8. Machine learning
  9. Artificial vision
  10. Simulation
  11. Augmented reality
  12. Cybersecurity