Fanuc M-6iB

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Small payload 6 axis industrial robot almost identical to the popular Arcmate 100i.
The M-6iB series is FANUC Robotics’ latest-generation family of small robots. The series is offered in two sizes designed to approximate the reach of an operator. Feature-rich standard capabilities and options provide dexterity, reliability and high speeds to make the M-6iB the perfect solution for countless applications and working environments.
Features and benefits
- 6 degrees of freedom
- ±0.08 mm repeatability
- Up to 10 kg payload at wrist
- Large wrist moments and inertias for real-world EOATs and workpieces
- Supplementary payload mount on J3 casting
- Yoked wrist structure for increased rigidity
- Pneumatic and electrical (8 DI/8 DO) connections for EOAT on J3
- Pneumatic lines routed from J1 inlet to J3 outlet
- Color, graphical, network- ready teach iPendantTM
?- Compact size, slim wrist, and small footprint permit Reliability operation in tight work spaces
- Upright, angle, wall, or invert mounting for increased installation flexibility
- Robot can flip over backwards for a larger work envelope
- High joint speeds maximize throughput
- Fail-safe brakes and adjustable J1 hardstops increase safety, functionality, and control
- Absolute encoder positioning eliminates homing at power-up
- Same footprint and wrist bolt pattern as previous generation for easy upgrades
Coupled with the famous Rj3iB controller.
Rj3iB control features
- B size cabinet
- Quick change amplifier
- Fast boot time < 30 s
- PCMCIA Software distribution
- Easy connections to a variety of I/O
- Color teach pendant for even easier programming and custom cell user interface design.



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