Welding robot ABB 2400L M2000 with 5 axis positioner IRBP250B and lineal track - 12 axis

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ABB cell with IRB 2400L M2000 S4CPlus 12-2003 with 5 axis positioner IRBP250B and lineal track- In total 12 axis

- 1 x IRB2400 M2000 year of production:12-2003 six axis industrial robot with Sc4Plus controller, 1800mm arm reach and 5 kg payload.

- 1 x IRBP 250B welding positioner. Max payload 250 kg with 5 axis

- 1 x Fronius cold metal transfer or TPS5000 liquid cooled synergic power source

-Lineal track 4 meters total lenght

-Torch cleaning station

-Bull eye

-Safety light barriers

Arm reach:1800mm

Controller: S4Cplus

Max payload:5kg

Positioner payload:250kg

Track total lengh: 4 meters


Arc welding