Other Robots Comau arc welding cell with 2 double axis positioners

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Comau arc welding cell (mft in 2002) consisting of

- Comau 6 axis industrial robot model Smart-M1L, 2142 mm arm reach with C3GPlus controller
- 2 x 2 axis servocontrolled positioners. Both of them are 2 axis with a central 180 degrees rotation to switch loading/unloading station.
1st positioner: Model PTDV 2x250x3000x1000 has a distance of 3000 mm between head and tailstock and a payload of 250 kg
2nd positioner: Model PTDV 2x150x1600x1000 has a distance of 1600 between head and tailstock and a payload of 150 kg
Arc welding equipment
  • Miller Deltaweld 602 (600 Amperes) arc welding power source, watercooled.
  • Binzel arc welding torch with anticolision
  • Torch cleaning station
Photoelectric safety curtains SICK C-2000


Arc welding